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Summit 2017
16.06 - 20.06.2017,
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University moscow, russia

Abstract submission deadline has been extended till June 10, 2017

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Media partners

Professional online community for Russian-speaking HCPs iVrach

Professional online community for Russian-speaking HCPs iVrach
iVrach is a professional online community for Russian-speaking HCPs. It is a place where doctors can exchange their observations and questions about clinical issues, as well as participate in various educational activities. iVrach members use their real identities. This enables each member verification and creates an atmosphere of trust necessary for effective professional collaboration. By applying emerging web trends and technologies iVrach not only enhances physician to physician interactions but also facilitates effective dialogue between HCP community and the industry.


Yellmed is:

  • a catalog of Russian and foreign medical establishments with an actual and reliable information;

  • Russian and international medical, sports and beauty news;

  • interviews with experts;

  • medical events and conferences;

  • medical reference book with common diseases and it's sympthoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment;

  • doctor apointments in Moscow.

Yellmed - all about Russian medicine and more!


Medsovet.info - federal medical informational Internet-portal with more than 2 million visitors monthly, who come to the portal in search of information in the following divisions:

  • Division for doctors

  • Division for patients

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Medicines

Medsovet.info provides its visitors with:

  • The full database of medicines with INN search engine

  • Forum for patients and doctors’ dialogues

  • Calendar of medical events all over the Russian Federation

  • Online education for doctors

  • Medical articles and news

And much more.

Vrachi RF

«Vrachi RF» is the first edetailng 2.0 system in Russia with the audience of over 470K MDs, the largest groups in Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and the largest personal doctors’ emails data base on the market. «Vrachi RF» is an active member of «Skolkovo Foundation».

VrachiVmeste.ru (Doctors United)

VrachiVmeste.ru (Doctors United) is an educational social network for doctors. The web portal editors have prepared over 1500 exclusive educational videos for different medical specialists. The video archive includes recorded conference reports on vital topics, video-lectures by Russian and foreign PhDs in medicine, documentaries and interviews on relevant medical issues. Our web portal regularly holds webinars which provides you with a unique opportunity to ask questions on-line. VrachiVmeste.ru encourages knowledge exchange, professional communication, and forming new occupational contacts. Feel free to join us!" Learn more about VrachiVmeste


“MediaMedica” presents medical journals for postgrade education for Russian doctors. There are 25 medical magazines & newspapers, such as: “Consilium Medicum”, “Gynecology”, “Gastroenterology”, “Pulmonology”, “Modern Oncology”, “Psychiatry and psychopharmacotherapy”, “Surgery Infections”, “Cardiosomatika”, “Pervostolnik”, “Dental Tribune Russia”. Also MM publishes books and handbooks. All the magazines are distributed free of charge.

«Genes & Cells»

«Genes & Cells» is an open-access peer reviewed scientific and analytical journal recommended by Higher Attistation Commitee of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. Journal is indexed by eLIBRARY (www.elibrary.ru), Scopus (www.scopus.com), Ebsco (www.ebsco.com) and is published in Russian and English languages.

About Medego.ru

About Medego.ru

Medego.ru is aimed to provide the most detailed information about medical events. The geography of the events is not limited only to Russia, we publish exhibitions and conferences held around the world.

Web: http://medego.ru
Tel: +7 (495) 979-72-17
Email: info@medego.ru

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Participation in the Symposium
Ida S. Baykova
8-926-848-23-58, 8-499-390-34-38
e-mail: sibs2017@confreg.org